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Efficient, unbiased candidate screening

Brilliant Hire offers skills-based job applicant screening powered by a network of experts, providing faster and greater insights without bias.

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  • Trusted by industry leaders

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  • Save 50% of screening time

    Save time across a variety of roles by leveraging Brilliant Hire's network of experts to evaluate candidate performance on case-based assessments. This ensures that only the best candidates move forward.

  • Eliminate unconscious bias

    No identifiable information about a candidate is revealed throughout the screening process, ensuring all candidates get an equal opportunity. This helps you grow a diversity of perspectives in your company and increase the effectiveness of your teams.

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  • Integrates with your current hiring process

    Brilliant Hire natively integrates with your RCM to attach the Brilliant Hire evaluation seamlessly to the candidate record, extending the screening capability of your existing applicant tracking system.

  • Get insights & quickly improve

    Brilliant Hire provides advanced analytics to help recruiters get better insights about their screening process, enabling them to make critical, data driven decisions in real-time to optimize the recruitment process.

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Industry leaders trust Brilliant Hire by SAP

  • “Brilliant Hire is a great tool for hiring. It allows us to measure basic technical competencies, and make sure that we’re being consistent and unbiased across the board in our hiring. The candidates that come from the test have the technical capabilities, and it gives our on-site interviews the ability to step right into more specific interviews. The set-up of Brilliant Hire helps guard against bias—which is critical when you’re deploying a test at the beginning. The tool is regularly updated and the team makes sure that the product is hitting the needs of its customers.”

    Alyx Horace

    Program Manager, SuccessFactors

  • “We have recently implemented the Brilliant Hire Tool as the first step of the Recruitment process for Mobile Development positions (iOS & Android) at SAP SuccessFactors. Working with hiring managers and the Brilliant Hire Team we were able to make intuitive changes to improve the process for both Recruitment and Managers which has led to an improved candidate experience.”

    Andrea Penny

    Technical Recruiter, SAP North America

  • “Brilliant Hire drastically improved the efficiency of the recruitment cycle and quality of candidates. With Brilliant hire, our recruitment team can give a higher quality of short-listed candidates to managers because the virtual tech assessment is more reliable than resume reviews as it showcases the candidate’s thought process and coding capabilities. It helps us to avoid bias because the platform removes identifying information. Lastly, the team also provides evaluations as a service that decreased the wait time for candidates from a 1-2-week to just 2 days.”

    Caitie Sullivan

    Program Manager, SAP Silicon Valley Next Talent Program

  • “Brilliant Hire provided an excellent first screen of applicants for our data analyst position. The tool helped us narrow a very large applicant pool and gave us confidence that the applicants we decided to interview had the technical skills to do the job. Brilliant Hire also allowed us to spend more time focusing on softer skills early in the interview process and we used applicant responses to the Brilliant Hire assessment to hone in on specific technical capabilities.”

    Holly Cohen

    Marketing Manager, Second Harvest Food Bank

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