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Release Notes

Coming Soon...

  • Completely new evaluator experience
  • Analytics page
  • Ability for evaluators to specify questions for follow up
  • Enhanced cheating detection
  • And much more...

May 2nd

New Features

Release 1.9 includes a number of significant improvements across Brilliant Hire to reduce friction within the screening process while increasing trust and transparency.

  • Code compiling for evaluators and candidates - Code compiling provides analytics to recruiters, hiring managers, evaluators and candidates on coding abilities without leaving Brilliant Hire.
  • Intelligent question recommendations - While creating a new assessment, Brilliant Hire recommends the best questions from our extensive database of questions.
  • Closing the Feedback Loop - Now it is super simple to utilize the Brilliant Hire assessment feedback for follow ups in future rounds of the interview process.
  • Email notification enhancement

Bug Fixes

  • Ability to directly render images in recruiter, hiring manager and evaluator’s candidate details screen
  • Ability to sort by ‘Date Evaluated’ for the recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Many more bugs squashed!

March 27th

Backend Changes

Release 1.8 focused mainly on backend changes which create a foundation for future innovations.

  • Added ability to map users to jobs without the need to share links
  • Added gif templates for thank you message
  • Play/Pause buttons for answer playback
  • Ability to edit job name after publishing
  • Configuration for Hiring Manager and Recruiter to designate questions as public or private
  • Revamped session management
  • Revamped read/write logging

Bug Fixes

  • Preview Assessment failing in HM
  • View Job details page in HM is blank
  • After editing question, it moves to end of assessment
  • File Upload not working in Recruiter Dashboard and candidate Assessment
  • Getcandidatedetaileval api called multiple times
  • Hiring Manager and Recruiter now able to edit time limit on questions
  • Files are not fetched while previewing file typed questions

March 5th

What's New

  • Added multiple choice questions
  • Added the ability to preview an assessment before publishing
  • Added the ability to randomize questions for candidates

Bug Fixes

  • Added the ability to directly render images as part of questions
  • Added support for .doc file uploads
  • Added ability to delete questions after publishing job
  • Updated links sent as part of emails

February 11th

What's New

  • Added the ability to invite evaluators from directly within Brilliant Hire
  • Added the ability to remove evaluators from a job

Bug Fixes

  • Added the ability to add hyperlink to intro message
  • Added this 'Whats New' page
  • Various code editor styling enhancements
  • Updated support for question history in Question bank
  • Fix various bugs throughout the application

January 28th

What's New

  • Updated design for candidate list with indicator for new activity and ability to sort each column
  • Ability to delete uploaded files in assessment creation
  • Updated email designs with contextual actions
  • Refined question bank where users can now add questions directly into the assessment
  • New list view actions for job dashboard to allow users to duplicate, archive, and delete jobs
  • Evaluator link to invite new evaluators


  • Multiple evaluators were able to evaluate a candidate, regardless of the evaluator count set per candidate.

January 14th

What's New

  • Incremental RTI Release (Integration)
  • Ability to delete uploaded files in assessment creation
  • Added duplicate job to the action items list of the job dashboard list view
  • Added virus scan for file upload

Bug Fixes

  • Usability issues in job dashboard for unpublished jobs and the action items menu.
  • UI enhancements to the file upload feature in assessment creation

January 2nd

What's New

  • Include a url to add videos to the intro and thank you messages for candidates

Bug Fixes

  • Standard UI bug fixes

December 17th

What's New

  • Ability to archive and reactivate jobs
  • Input for a specific internal company department for each job
  • Removed the internal question bank feature, until we've established a better solution
  • Ability to edit evaluator rubric
  • Option to stay logged in
  • New password key encryption
  • Ability to duplicate job
  • Added list view in the job dashboard
  • Dual roles: allows hiring managers to act as evaluators their jobs
  • Notification of license usage

Bug Fixes

  • Standard UI bug fixes
  • UI fixes for assessment questions
  • Spelling typos
  • Evaluator rubric formatting
  • Multiple bugs related to evaluator's details
  • Multiple emails sent to evaluators
  • Reset password bug