Question Types

Brilliant Hire provides flexible question types to hire any role in your company


Open ended questions are a great way to ask questions that probe into the thought process of the candidate.
These questions are a great medium for the candidate to talk about the finer things about their work, experience, and problem-solving approach.

Coding questions

Test developers for their command on programming, front end development and databases with coding questions with our built-in code editor, which supports more than 10 languages!

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice questions serve as a means to quickly test candidates for subjective, topic wise, or analytical reasoning type questions.

File Upload

Test candidate’s problem solving and solution proposal abilities with situation based tasks. The candidate can answer with a fileupload making this very versatile for a variety of roles.
Formats supported: doc/docx, ppt/pptx, xls/xlsx, html, csv, jpeg/jpg, png, pdf, txt, mp3, wav

Eligibility Question

Eligibility questions help you to quickly screen candidates for the basic job criteria like work VISA, years of relevant experience etc.

Audio Response Question

Test the verbal communication abilities of the candidates with Audio type questions. You can also give the question as audio.