Brilliant Hire Brilliant Hire
  • Illustration of experts
  • Insights from
    the very beginning

    Assess candidates' qualifications through skills-based assessments to have tangible insights to move the candidate forward in your recruiting process.

Flexible question types to hire any role in your company

  • Open-ended

    Allow your candidates to explain their thought process and provide more insight into their critical thinking skills.

  • Coding questions

    Let developers show their abilities using our built-in code editor, which supports 10+ languages!

  • File upload

    Your candidate can work in the programs they are familiar with and upload their work directly.

  • Timed questions

    To imitate a phone screen, you can customize the amount of time a candidate can spend on a question.

Flexible by design. Hire for any role in every industry.

  • Asynchronous Screening with
    Advanced Analytics

    Brilliant Hire provides evaluators with analytics to make the most informed decision possible.

    Copy and paste detection

    Answer response playback

    Time spent analysis

    Evaluators can also review candidates on their own time, which has reduced the screening process by 40%

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ATS Integration

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Brilliant Hire natively integrates with SuccessFactors RCM to attach new evaluation information from the assessment seamlessly to the candidate record, so your hiring team stays up to date on the latest progress. SAP SuccessFactors is your one source of truth!

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Be Brilliant in the way you Hire.