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Commonly asked questions from candidates!

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What is Brilliant Hire?
Brilliant Hire leverages a bias-free skill-based set of questions to help companies identify the best candidate for a role.

Why should I solve these challenges?
It's simple, we've seen candidates who fill out the Brilliant Hire evaluation have a higher chance of getting hired. Companies who use Brilliant Hire rely heavily on the assessments as a way to evaluate candidates skills.

How does Brilliant Hire affect me?
Taking the Brilliant Hire assessment adds a small step in your recruiting process and increases your chances of getting a callback.

Why are companies using Brilliant Hire?
Companies are using Brilliant Hire to help remove unconscious bias within the hiring process. Traditionally, resumes lead to large amounts of unconscious bias with some candidates being rejected simply based on a candidates name, address, or school. Using Brilliant Hire, companies hire based on what matters most - the candidate's skills.

How anonymous is this really?
The expert evaluating your assessment will only see the answers, they will not see any identifiable information such as your name, email, address, or school. By hiding this information from the evaluators, we can ensure they provide unbiased feedback on your application. Moreover, we do not share your personal information with any 3rd party companies, services, or agencies without your consent.

During the Assessment

What type of questions can I expect?
Hiring managers create questions for each role to help build a clear picture of each candidate. There are a few types of questions and none of the questions require any outside software, just a web browser and internet.

How long should I expect an assessment to take?
Through our data, we've seen most candidates take a minimum of an hour to complete an assessment.

Why shouldn't I include any information identifying who I am?
Companies using Brilliant Hire are trying to remove as much unconscious bias as possible. To help, Brilliant Hire removes all identifiable information from your application while you are being evaluated to give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed.

After the Assessment

Will my hiring decision be made only based on my Brilliant Hire assessment? (Aka will this replace my interview?)
No, hiring decisions are based on many different factors including your resume, phone and in-person interviews, and any other documents provided during the interview process.

How am I being evaluated?
Your responses to the assessment questions will be evaluated by multiple subject matter experts within the company. The results will be considered during the selection to the next round of interviews.

Who is reviewing my assessment?
You are being evaluated by a network of subject matter experts within the company you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a data science role at Acme Company, a data scientist at Acme Company will evaluate your assessment and provide the feedback to the hiring manager.

When can I expect to hear back after I finish the interview?
After finishing the assessment, Brilliant Hire will send your answers to a set of evaluators who will review your application in an unbiased way. If you are selected to move on to the next round, your recruiter will contact you and work with you to schedule your next step.