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Product Designer

Bangalore, India


  • Own all aspects of the product design process, including:
    - UX: wireframes, whiteboard sessions, and brainstorming with the teams
    - UI: mockups, assets, style guides
    - Prototyping: lightweight (Keynote/Invision) and heavyweight (FramerJS/Principle/HTML) prototypes

  • Engage with customers and end users to ensure grass-root level understanding of the product’s current and future needs from a design perspective

  • Collaborate closely with (and sit next to) product managers, marketers and engineers

  • Own design QA by ensuring the shipped product matches your finalized designs

  • Be involved with usability and user testing sessions to gain invaluable customer &s end user feedback

  • Ship product that sets a new quality standard for SAP

Experience and Skills

  • Degree (Bachelors, Masters) in Design from a reputed Design Institution

  • Have 3-6+ years of experience delivering web applications

  • Broad experience in user experience projects covering various stages of design life cycle from user-research through application design, culminating in design validation

  • Proven experience designing and shipping top-quality digital products

  • Obsessed with shipping insanely great products and knowing when to push back when the quality bar hasn’t been met

  • Experience collaborating with local and remote teams

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