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Front-end Developer

Bangalore, India


  • We are looking for a front-end engineer, who would be passionate about UI and would desire to strive in a dynamic and agile start-up environment. You would build intuitive and fast UI on MV* framework for scalable, high-volume user facing Brilliant Hire products.

  • You would help Brilliant Hire to conceptualize and implement the user facing functionalities which would provide immense value to our customers and make them successful. Quick, secure, clean, scalable and enterprise grade coding gets us excited!

  • Our current tech stack includes MySQL database, DynamoDB, S3, Node.js running on Nginx server and Vue.js for front-end. As we are working like a start-up, we are using and exploring all open source technologies with the tech stack in Amazon AWS.

Experience and Skills

  • Expertise in building enterprise-grade web application in Vue.js (Angular or React) and ability to write robust, scalable and easy-to-use front-end components.

  • Knowledge of interacting with microservices, OData APIs and writing unit test cases in JavaScript.

  • Stay up to date on best practices and cutting-edge technology developments and take ownership of speed, performance, scalability and accessibility of the product.

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