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What is Brilliant Hire?
Brilliant Hire leverages a bias-free skill-based pre-screening of applicants by a network of experts to simplify technical recruiting. Using Brilliant Hire, recruiters are spending 40% less time screening candidates while reducing bias associated with screening. Brilliant Hire is an incubation from SAP.iO.

What countries can Brilliant Hire be used in?
Brilliant Hire can only be used in the United States and India. With future releases, we will be launching in more countries.

Who are the experts?
The experts who evaluate candidate applications are subject matter experts in the field you are hiring for. Over the past two years, we have built up this network for roles from technology, finance, operations, sales, and more!

Where do the questions in the evaluations come from?
Brilliant Hire has a dedicated team member building great assessments for roles. To date, we have a question bank containing over 3,000 questions and increasing every day.

What data does Brilliant Hire collect about me?
Based on your role in Brilliant Hire, we collect numerous pieces of data to help us provide you the best service. You can find the types of data we collect here: Data Collection.

Can I try it out?
Yes! We are offering a a $1 trial for a limited number of customers. See our pricing page for details.

Who else is using Brilliant Hire?
Brilliant Hire is being used to screen candidates across SAP, Mercedes Benz R&D group, the Second Harvest Food Bank and various other small-to-medium size businesses.

Does Brilliant Hire work with Workday, Greenhouse, Lever or other ATS systems?
Yes! Brilliant Hire's API endpoint is written in a way which can be integrated into any ATS system.

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